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Ailene Fields Wearable Art

“Ailene Fields Sculptor of Observation and Contemplation… and a Touch of Magic.”


      Artist Statement 

  I am a storyteller. As a child I was entranced by Anderson's Fairy Tales and the mythologies of Greece and Rome. In adolescence as later,  I discovered the Norse and Druidic legends, and the folk stories of Europe and Asia. Above all, they struck me with their essential wisdom, so concise and profound - that life is what you make it, which is, of course, a function of how you see it. What I want, more than anything else, is to make a difference in the way people see the world, so they can make a difference in how it is. Too many of our troubles arise from the fact that people view that world as a harsh, unfair place. I say it is a place of beauty, which, we all know, "is in the eye of the beholder." By being the "eye" of those who behold my sculptures, I have the rare privilege of sometimes being able to bring beauty to those who might not otherwise find it, and in places where it might not otherwise be found - maybe even creating it. My aim, sculpturally, has always been to bring softness out of apparent hardness. In a sculptural sense, the labor of creating that kind of gentility from stone and bronze and the challenge of capturing the one "essential" moment of being that tells the whole story are a self- contained structural metaphor for the deeper meaning of my work.

Cultivating your unique story


When you  own a piece designed by Ailene Fields, you will find that each art piece tells a story;  Ailene imbues meaning  in all of her works, whether it be one of her freestanding stone or bronze sculptures included in collections worldwide or  a wearable artwork  the magic of her visual storytelling  is unveiled . Each piece is handcrafted and one of kind.. as  unique as the person lucky enough to be wearing it

Our Promise


Ailene is personally insistent on the the quality of her handcrafted pieces and  want the collectors of her works  to feel the same pride when wearing these one of a kind  artworks.   Ailene takes the time and consideration to personally  know each of her collectors .We hope you will be a part of our family for many years to come!

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